About Us

Our Story

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Renato’s Pizza Masters. Our pizzas and dishes have been perfected over 60 years of doing what we do best: consistently challenging ourselves to work harder and reinventing our recipes for the modern and contemporary palate.

We are a pizzeria, fine dining restaurant, and catering service but not necessarily in that order. We are pizza masters who respect the power of authentic Italian cuisine. Our team moves fast, eager to feed the hungry diners of Jersey City. Our pizzas are perfectly crafted — cheesy goodness, warm crust, perfect thickness, distinct sauces. Our tomatoes are sourced from Stanislaus, California, from a family-owned company with traditional farming practices and the finest tomatoes. Our spaces were designed to bring people together.

Owned and operated by the DeMarchi family — Richie and his two sons, Mark and Lorenzo, Renato’s Pizza Masters ultimately believes in celebrating authentic Italian cuisine with friends and family, delivering great service to all, and supporting the Jersey City community every single day.

Our Community

Over the years, we have sponsored numerous little league teams including the Washington Park Little League, donated to local hospitals, and supported local church functions at St. Joseph’s, St. Anne’s, and St. Nicholas. We are also benefactors of the parks and recreations of Jersey City and have supported other organizations like The Dante Alighieri Society and Police Benevolent Association.

Our Evolution


Renato’s Pizza Masters is established by Richie DeMarchi’s uncle.


Richie DeMarchi begins working with his uncle at Renato’s Pizza Masters.

Richie DeMarchi standing in front a vintage map and behind of a celebration array including an anniversary cake.

Richie acquires full control of Renato’s Pizza Masters restaurant.

Richie DeMarchi stiring red sauce at Renato's Pizza Masters kitchen. Richie wears Renato's Pizza Masters uniform, a black polo shirt with their logo embroider on it and a baseball hat.

Mark DeMarchi starts working full time at Renato’s Pizza Masters.


Renato’s Pizza Masters gets a fine dining renovation and expands to include catering services.

Indoor photograph of Renato's Dinning room with wooden tables and cloth tablecloths, wooden chairs, the bar in the background and beautiful warm lighting.

Lorenzo DeMarchi starts working full time at Renato’s Pizza Masters.

Lorenzo DeMarch stands behind the counter at Renato's Pizza Masters with a big welcoming smile. Lorenzo wears Renato's Pizza Masters uniform, a black polo shirt with their logo embroidered on it.

Pizza Masters expands storefronts across 274 and 276 Central Ave. — doubling kitchen space and dining areas, continuing to serve Jersey City.

A group of children in their uniform pose along with Lorenzo DeMarchi in front of Renato's Pizza Masters. They are all smiling.

Still serving ridiculously delicious Italian cuisine in our restaurant, or delivered fresh to your front door. What are you waiting for?

DeMarchi Brothers possing in font of Renato's Pizza Master van which features a pizza and logo decal. Both brothers are smiling.

Ready to have a damn good Italian meal?